Freeman Army Airfield Museum

Freeman Army Airfield Museum

Donations, Shipping & Mailing

Updated 11/26/2017

The museum is a federally-recognized 501.c.3 educational charity. Donations, either money or items, are tax-deductible if the donor itemizes deductions on their income tax. The value of a donated item is set by the donor, not the recipient. Our thank-you letters acknowledge the receipt of the item but do not mention a value. One way to determine the value of an item is to go on eBay and see what similar items are selling for.

If you are sending a donation in the form of a check then please make it out to FAAM (no need to write out the full name) and mail it to:

Freeman Army Airfield Museum
PO Box 714
Seymour, IN 47274-0714

Papers, photos and other small items should also be mailed to the post office box.
Larger items being send via UPS or FedEx should be sent to the physical address:

Freeman Army Airfield Museum
c/o Airport Manager’s Office
1025 A Ave
Seymour, IN 47274

Very large items being sent by motor freight should be shipped to:

Freeman Army Airfield Museum
c/o Cherry Hill Aviation
1059 A Ave.
Seymour, IN 47274

If the carrier requires a phone number use 812-271-1821. Cherry Hill has a forklift and we can deal with it from there.

The reason we don’t want you to ship things directly to the museum’s physical address, 1035 A Ave., is that very often there is nobody at the museum to receive shipments.

If you are in town and wish to drop something off during the week you can take it to the airport office directly across the street from the museum; 1025 A Ave. Diane Schepman, the airport secretary, works closely with the museum and will notify us that we have an item to be picked up. Her office phone number is 812-521-2031. Faxes for the museum should also go to Diane at 812-523-3925.

If you have any questions about donations or shipments, or to arrange for an item to be picked up, please call the museum curator, Larry Bothe, on his cell phone, 812-521-7400. Thank you.

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