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Kids’ Flight Simulator

Open door, climb in, have fun!

History: This flight simulator was part of a cockpit procedures trainer that was here at Freeman Field after WW-II. Ed Bohlmann, who was principal of the Lutheran Elementary School in Vallonia, modified it in 1998 for kids as a teaching aid. When he moved to Evansville he took it with him. After he didn’t need it any longer he got in touch with Jack Hildreth. Jack, along with Harry Knight and Dan Shirley, went down to Evansville and hauled it back here.

When the museum got it there was no door. Instead it had a rather precarious ladder to climb up over the back to get down into the cockpit. In the fall of 2014 Marty Schwab undertook to cut in a side door and build steps with a railing to make it much safer for our young visitors.

Balsa Gliders - $1.00

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