Before Paint

In the latter part of 2018 we completed the renovation of the “office” area of the museum annex building. New displays in the annex include…..

WW-II vintage bicycle: This fully restored period US Army bicycle is up on a wooden stand, complete with a neon sign depicting that type of bike. 

Electronic navigation training aids: Our classroom-sized training aids for VOR, ADF and dead-reckoning navigation are now properly displayed on the walls of the annex office.

Fire-fighting equipment: We gathered it up and placed it in a glass case, with larger items hanging nearby.

Flight Simulator: Our new computer-based 3-screen flight simulator allows museum visitors the opportunity to experience piloting an airplane. (A museum staff member must be present in order to operate the simulator.) (Click to see more)

The recently enlarged Freeman Army Airfield Museum Gift Shop area has many items of interest, including our new T-shirts, baseball caps, lapel pins and refrigerator magnets. These are in addition to the coffee mugs and historic videos that have been available for a long time.

Firefighting Equipment

The Freeman Army Air Field Museum is located at 1035 A Ave., Seymour, across the street from the terminal building at the airport. It is open every Saturday morning from 10:00 until 1:00, and other times by appointment.

Groups are welcome and encouraged. Call 812-271-1821 to make arrangements.

Note that the FAAFM is seeking volunteers for the purpose of staffing expanded regular hours of operation beyond Saturday mornings. Hours under consideration are Wednesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 2 PM. If you would like to volunteer to work in the museum as a docent a few days a month please call the curator, Larry Bothe, at 812-521-7400.

 What's New ?

Several new displays were created, including…..

Freeman Bicycle

Aircorps Aviation is restoring the only flying AT-10

Airfield maps

After Paint

Repainting and reorganization: We repainted 6 rooms and the hallway in the main museum in January of 2019. The dark paneling and pealing wallpaper are gone!
After the painting was completed the hundreds of pictures were rehung in a much better order, with explanatory signs as required

War Bonds

Auxiliary Airfields: Freeman field was surrounded by 5 auxiliary practice airfields.  We now have detailed information, including period aerial photos, of each one.

AT-10 Restoration: An AT-10 is being restored to flying condition at AirCorps Aviation in Bemidji, MN. We have a photo account of the progress of that work. 

Buy Warbonds display: We recently acquired an original “war bond” that was never cashed in. We gathered up other war bond posters and brought the war bond information all together in one place.

Handguns of WW-II: The recent acquisition of a pristine German P-08 Luger pistol, along with the C-96 “broomhandle” Mauser we got in a trade in 2018, prompted the creation of this new exhibit. There are 5 historic handguns in all, along with holsters and other accessories. They have been placed in a reconditioned and lighted glass-front wooden case for easy viewing. 

Freeman Army Air Field Museum Updates

Training Aids

AT-10 Restoration

Freeman Army Airfield Museum

Flight Simulator